Mongolia exports about 1,000 gers per year

Mongolia exports about 1,000 gers (yurts) per year to China, Russia, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, England, the Netherlands, South Korea, the USA, Hungary and other countries.

Most of the yurts are exported through intermediaries, which are often foreign citizens and companies that buy cheap yurts in Mongolia and resell them at higher prices. Most of the profits from yurt exports remain with intermediaries, with local producers receiving only a small fraction of the total value added.

Ashid Ger LLC is the only company in Mongolia that manufactures yurts in its own workshop and delivers yurts directly to customers without any intermediaries. The company offers its yurts for sale through website. The yurts, manufactured under the brand name Original Yurts, are made from materials more suitable for the hot and humid climate outside of Mongolia.

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