Naadam Festival is the longest holiday for Mongolians

In 2020, the Mongolian Government amended Law on Celebrations and extended the public holiday during the Naadam Festival from three days to five. This year, Mongolians will get a full week of holiday on 10-16 July.

Recognised by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage, the Naadam Festival unites Mongolians to celebrate their heritage, customs via an enthralling mix of sports and arts. Held every year from July 11-15, it is evidence of their long history, devotion to their nomadic culture, and unwavering national pride. Witness the vigour and spirit of Mongolia, as the whole country comes together in a proud display of majestic festivity.

Referred to as ‘Eriin Gurvan Naadam’, which translates to ‘Three Manly Sports’, it has its roots in the ancient Mongols’ nomadic culture and traditional way of life across the vast steppe. The festival features the three main activities – wrestling, horse racing, and archery, which are closely related to the history and culture of Mongolia.

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