China joins Mongolia’s effort to save Mazaalai

Researchers from Mongolia and China will jointly establish a geographical information system for the habitat of the Mazaalai (Gobi Bear) in the Great Gobi Strictly Prohibited Area.

The Chinese researchers are working in our country within the framework of the agreement between the Governments of the two countries on the “Technical Assistance in the Protection of Gobi Bears” project signed in 2018.

The Additional Agreement, the term of the previous agreement signed in 2018 has been duly extended. Consequently, this extension will facilitate the conduct of more extensive and all-encompassing research, with the primary focus on enhancing its habitat, bolstering its population, and safeguarding the Mazaalai.

The population of Mongolia’s critically endangered Gobi bears (Mazaalai) has exceeded 50. Only 36 Gobi bears remained in the world at the end of 2018, according to the Institute of General and Experimental Biology at the Mongolian Academy of Sciences.

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