Kazakh horse trainer takes Mongolian horses to victory in regional races

Seven horses trained by Sapar Baiynuly, a Kazakh residing in Mongolia, achieved top positions in regional-level race competitions. Baiynuly, who hails from the Kerey tribe, shared his insights on the competition and the horse industry in Mongolia during an interview with Kazinform.

The event took place on July 11-12 during the Naadam festival, a celebration of statehood in Mongolia. Trainers meticulously prepare their racehorses throughout the year for this prestigious occasion. In the regional-level races, my horses claimed several prizes. An adult horse triumphed in a 24-kilometer race, a two-year-old excelled in a 14-kilometer race, while a stallion and a three-year-old secured fourth place in races covering 23 kilometers and 16 kilometers, respectively.

Another three-year-old achieved second place, and a filly and a five-year-old took third places in races spanning 11 kilometers and 23 kilometers. This outstanding performance resulted in a total of seven prize-winning positions. Following the regional races, Mongolia hosts competitions in wrestling and archery at the national level.

In recognition of such achievements in races at this level, trainers receive the Trainer of Horses at the Regional Level title. To attain this title, trainers must have a minimum of three horses that secure first place in regional races and at least eight additional horses that achieve positions up to fifth place.

Purebred Mongolian horses are distinguished by their small stature and remarkable endurance. The challenging racing courses set in rugged terrain, combined with considerations for the horses’ age, determine the specific race distances. Genghis Khan himself rode these small horses during his [conquests].

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