The XII International Congress of Mongolists

On 9 August, the XII International Congress of Mongolists under the auspices of President of Mongolia  began working in Ulaanbaatar. The congress will last until August 14.

The congress is held under the motto “Peace and the historical experience of Mongolia”. The sessions will include topics “Mongols in prehistoric and historical periods”, “Historical and modern development of the Mongolian language and literature”, “Mongolian society, economics, politics and law” , “Relations of Mongolia with the outside world” and “Mongolian culture: tradition and innovation.”

A total of 307 scientists from more than 20 countries, including USA, Republic of Korea, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Canada, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Hungary, Germany, China, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Czech Republic, Australia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Norway, Italy and Denmark, will make presentations at the congress.

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