The incredible world of Mongolian throat singing

Among the world’s oldest musical forms, Mongolian throat singing emerges as a captivating embodiment of human skill and rich cultural heritage. Dating back to antiquity, this ancient tradition showcases performers’ extraordinary ability to manipulate their mouth, larynx, and jaw, conjuring multiple notes in a mesmerizing symphony of sound. For Mendbayar, this artistry transcends technical expertise; it represents a profound wellspring of joy and serves as a conduit for sharing the exquisite beauty of his homeland, Mongolia. His performances, spanning continents from Europe to Asia, enrapture audiences, yet his ultimate passion lies in cultivating the talents of the next generation.

Nestled in Ulaanbaatar, Mendbayar diligently imparts his knowledge at the International Throat Singing School, nurturing a legacy that spans generations. Mongolian throat singing encapsulates more than melodies; it stands for the boundless capabilities of the human voice and the pride of an entire culture. With historical roots reaching deep into the past, this musical marvel intertwines with the very fabric of Mongolia’s history, echoing through the ages.

(source: ancient-origins)

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