Fighting in the road to UFC

With a formidable mindset honed through the both tranquil and challenging traditional lifestyle of Nomadic herding, T.Nyamjargal has become a warrior capable of eclipsing the achievements of martial artists from every corner of Mongolia.

From humble beginnings, the athlete grew up in circumstances that many will struggle to grasp. Without a home address, he’d join his parents as they braved the winds and storms, guiding their animals through rugged terrain and towering mountains en route to pastures new.

Through his rise to fame, T.Nyamjargal has an opportunity to expose the world to what his people do and why it’s so crucial that their legacy continues. While the 25-year-old loves his Nomadic roots, fighting is his true passion. With a love for dressing in traditional Mongolian warriors’ clothing and armour in Kharkhorum city, T.Nyamjargal is determined to represent his country on the world stage.

Having amassed an impressive 7-0 record, later tonight, the flyweight will put it all on the line once again.

Live on UFC Fight Pass, the prospect collides with ‘The Asian Vking’ Peter Danesoe at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in a bout that has the hardcore fans chomping at the bit.

With scintillating skills and an unrivalled will to win, T.Nyamjargal is brimming with confidence. And who knows how far he can go?

He beamed: “I’m very happy to be in this competition, it’s amazing, it’s definitely an athlete’s dream. Only the eternal blue sky knows where I will end up. I love this world, I love this natural world, I love martial arts.”

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