The Mongolian Stock Exchange celebrates a major achievement

The Mongolian Stock Exchange celebrated a major achievement by surpassing MNT 3 trillion  in trading volume in the first nine months of 2023. This milestone was achieved after the successful sale of 387,000 shares of 43 companies and coal worth MNT 207 million  on the exchange.

The exchange’s trading volume peaked at MNT 354.4 billion  in 2015, which was a record in its 25-year history at that time. However, the exchange broke its previous record in 2021 when it traded securities worth MNT 1.4 trillion.

The Marketing and Public Relations Department of the Mongolian Stock Exchange attributed this latest achievement to several key factors. Firstly, the inclusion of shares of the five largest banks and the introduction of 13 new trading products in 2023 played a decisive role in increasing trading activity. In addition, a significant portion of the 3 trillion tugriks, more than 60 percent, came from trade in coal and iron ore, which are vital components of Mongolia’s mining sector.

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