Unraveling the authentic soul of Mongolia

The Mongolian community in Singapore has been eagerly anticipating the launch of the “Chrysanthemum Charm” floral display at the Gardens by the Bay, which opens on Friday (29 September).

They are hoping that the display, which will be hosted at the popular attraction until 13 November, will illuminate their rich heritage while addressing misconceptions.

In collaboration with the Embassy of Mongolia in Singapore, the floral display aims to transport visitors to the scenic meadows of Mongolia. Running alongside the main show on Saturday and Sunday is “Rhythm of Mongolia”, which will feature diverse aspects of Mongolian culture including throat singing performance and a contortionist act.

There are around 150 Mongolians living in Singapore.

The centrepiece of the “Chrysanthemum Charm” display is a meticulously crafted life-sized Mongolian ger – which means “home” in Mongolian and more commonly referred to as a “yurt” in English. The ger symbolises the Mongolian community’s commitment to preserving their culture, reflecting a sustainable and minimalistic way of life.

Preparations Underway for Friday's Launch: A meticulously crafted, life-sized Mongolian Ger takes centre stage in the display.

To ensure the event’s authenticity, the Gardens by the Bay team invested a year in preparation and execution. They even spent five days in Mongolia, immersing themselves in the culture, gaining insights into Mongolian traditions and flora that inspired “Chrysanthemum Charm”.

The floral display will include at least 80 varieties of chrysanthemums, among which are 10-odd varieties that have never been seen in Southeast Asia, including chrysanthemum Vanya White.

A showcase of Chrysanthemums, featuring 80 varieties, including rare finds like Chrysanthemum Vanya White (left) and Bombellini (right)


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