Power supply disruptions to continue nationwide until late December

Power supply shortages are likely across Mongolia through at least late December due to operational issues at two Russian power plants importing electricity to the country. Damage to a 235-megawatt unit at one of the Russian stations, and upgrades being performed at the second facility have led to a significant reduction in the amount of power Mongolia is receiving.

Consequently, authorities plan to restrict industrial electricity usage starting Dec. 14 and are considering rolling blackouts for residential customers during peak hours in Ulaanbaatar and several provinces. Authorities may enact additional conservation measures, including reducing operating hours for retail businesses, if the shortfalls persist.

Temporary business and communications disruptions are likely during any power outages that may occur; cellular and mobile services could be affected. Traffic disruptions and longer driving times are possible during these periods due to malfunctioning traffic signals. Trains may also experience delays if outages impact signaling devices or overhead wires.

Additionally, power outages could result in the temporary unavailability of essential services, such as ATMs and filling stations. There is an elevated security threat during power outages as opportunistic criminal activity may increase. Blackouts could adversely affect security protocols, including alarm systems and electronic fences.

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