Baikal-Transit will build a logistics terminal on the border with Mongolia

Baikal-Transit LLC (Buryatia) will invest 1.8 billion rubles in the construction of a customs and logistics terminal in the area of Buryatia’s Naushki border railway station, which will increase Russia’s trade turnover with Mongolia and China.

The terminal will be a railway-road terminal. There will also be cargo transshipment from one mode of transport to another. The project will be implemented in two stages, the first of which will benefit from an investment volume of 360 million rubles. The regional government said that the total investment in the project is 1.8 billion rubles.

The Baikal-Transit customs and logistics terminal for road cargo in Kyakhta (a city in the border zone 35 km from the village of Naushki) is under construction. Infrastructure is being built for the transportation of goods for both Russia-Mongolia and Russia-China transit routes with a temperature-controlled warehouse and the only refrigerated warehouse in Buryatia. The project will relieve congestion at the Kyakhta checkpoint by speeding up customs clearance of goods and increasing throughput. The launch is planned this year.

The Far East and Arctic Development Corporation says that the investor is planning a customs terminal and a customs post for the site, as well as a phytosanitary service, and representative offices of Rosselkhoznadzor and Rospotrebnadzor. The project provides for closed and open temporary storage warehouses, an oil depot with a capacity of 76,000 tonnes, petroleum product warehouses, a container site measuring 10 hectares, and a customs inspection zone for timber and lumber.

The Naushki station of the East Siberian Railway (a branch of Russian Railways) is located 900 km from the Erlian station in China, with the route passing through the territory of Mongolia.

As reported, in October last year, representatives from the railways of Russia, China and Mongolia met in Irkutsk and agreed to increase the volume of container traffic through Naushki (Buryatia) – Sukhbaatar (Mongolia) border crossing by 25%.

Russian Railways started work on the Naushki station in 2023, undertaking the reconstruction of the transshipment complex and the extension of its receiving and departure tracks. The work is being conducted taking into account the fact that the prospective volume of annual traffic through the station will increase to 15 million tonnes by 2025 and to 20 million tonnes by 2030.

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