Sukhbaatar province lost the most livestock

Today, State Emergency Commission of Mongolia has given regular information about the emergency situation. According to the statement, the number of livestock killed by this winter’s extreme cold weather has risen to 3,925,734 in Mongolia.

Among the country’s 21 provinces, eastern Sukhbaatar has been the most affected by the severe cold, with over 1.1 million livestock deaths, the SEC said in a statement.

Mongolia has seen much more snow than usual this winter, with around 80 percent of its territory covered by snow so far, said its weather monitoring agency. At the end of 2023, the number of livestock in Mongolia stood at 64.7 million, according to the National Statistics Office.

As of today, State Emergency Commission has received 3.1 billion MNT in cash from 45 citizens, 26 enterprises, 61 government organizations, 26 non-governmental organizations. Also it has received inventories that costed more than 700 thousand MNT from one citizen, nine enterprises, and seven non-governmental organizations.

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