“City of Wind” will be released in international cinemas

“City of Wind”, by director P.Lkhagwadulam, has been released in movie festivals as a special screenings so far. The film will be released in France on April 24 under the name “Un Jeune Chaman” and in the future will be released in other nternational theaters.

“City of Wind” won the “Best Film” prize at the 19th Asian International Film Festival at Osaka. B.Tergel, the main character of the feature film, won the “Best New Talent” award.

Previously, the film was successful at the 80th Venice International Film Festival and won the “Golden Lion” award. It was a historical event that will be remembered in the history of Mongolian cinematography.

Director P. Lhagwadulam is currently pursuing a PhD in Cinematography at Lusofona University, Lisbon, Portugal.

When talking about her film, she said “I went to the shaman in 2014 with my mom. After the shaman’s ritual, I sat outside waiting for my mother. That time, i saw an young shaman who looks like 18 years old with earrings in his ear, tattoos on both arms. He had very cool style. That’s when the idea of making this film came. After writing my film script, i didn’t know who to approach and where to get funding. A film council was formed at that time, and many fortunate things happened at that time. Within five years, my dream came true.”

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