The damage cost of gas explosion was 1.8 billion MNT

Three firefighters died on January 24 while trying to quell a rapidly spreading fire after a truck with 60 tons of liquefied natural gas crashed in the Mongolian capital. More than 600 firefighters in 100 vehicles were needed to put out the fire. A preliminary assessment suggested the truck crashed into a small car, sparking the explosion before a second blast ripped off part of the truck and killed the firefighters at the scene. The fire quickly engulfed several nearby buildings, including a residential building.

The case is currently being investigated by law enforcement agencies, and no one has been charged so far.

After the explosion, in addition to three firefighters, four people traveling on foot and by car died and nine people injured. Furthermore 36 vehicles, 3 buildings had burnt and properties of 228 people, 15 enterprises damaged. A preliminary assessment suggested that the damage cost was about 1.8 billion MNT.

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