“Mongolia-An oasis of democracy” conference will be held in UB

“Mongolia-An oasis of democracy” international conference, which is jointly organized by Democratic party of Mongolia and International democratic union, will start from April 25 in Ulaanbaatar. In this conference, discussions will be held on many topics, such as achievements and perspectives of 34 years of Mongolia’s path to democracy.

Guests, such as Tony Clement, Canadian former federal politician and former representative of the head of the International democratic union, Michael Dust, Chairman of International Young Democrat Union, Philippa Broom, Former head of foreign affairs of the Conservative Party of England, Duncan MacFarlane, who came to Mongolia many times, and representatives from International Republican Institute and Konrad Adenauer Foundation, will participate this conference.

One of the important topics of the discussion will be the assessment of the current economic situation in Mongolia. It is including following topics, budget and monetary policy, energy policy, private sector involvement and National Wealth Fund. Also, information technology, digital platforms, artificial intelligence are the topics of discussion.

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