“The MongolZ” has turned the table

“Nomadic Masters” tournament with a prize pool of 100,000 USD organized by MESA has started yesterday /2024.05.28/. On the first day of the tournament four teams played.

The first match was between Russia’s “Aurora Gaming” and China’s “Lynn Vision”. “Aurora Gaming” which has been preparing well recently, won by score 2-0. “Aurora Gaming” can be called the most successful team participating in “Nomadic Masters”.

The second match was between Mongolia’s “The MongolZ” and Canada’s “Gaimin Gladiators”. Gaimin Gladiators, who beat The MongolZ in the past, wanted to consolidate their success this time, but unfortunately, it did not go as expected. “The MongolZ” showed their superiority and won 2-0.

Thus, the teams “Aurora Gaming” and “The MongolZ” will be met in the semi-finals of the upper region. Their match will be held today at 18:30.

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