The world’s most adventurous off-road paradise

Mongolia is one of the most adventurous countries to visit. It is a developing and traditional country holding onto its traditional way of life. It is a country where a substantial percentage of its population remains nomadic or semi-nomadic. Outside of the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, there are few developed roads – most people just drive across off-roading tracks that stretch across the vast and sweeping steppe.

Mongolia only has very few tar-sealed roads. To explore the country, drivers need to have a great sense of direction and superb off-roading skills. Take off-roading to a new level and go horse trekking across the steppe for an extended tour.

To explore Mongolia, traffic must negotiate undeveloped steppe, ford rivers and streams, cross muddy patches, and be far from any help. This would be a very difficult drive for most Western drivers and would require well-maintained off-roading vehicles.

It is possible but very difficult to explore Mongolia by oneself on a self-drive tour. For first-time visitors, it is much better to explore the country with guided tours. There are plenty of guided tours of Mongolia that range from 1-day tours of the attractions just outside of Ulaanbaatar to 21 or more day adventures across the country.

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