Mongolian Hoshoryu wins his first career title to become ozeki

Sekiwake Hoshoryu clinched his first Emperor’s Cup on July 23 at the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament, effectively guaranteeing his promotion to the second-highest rank of ozeki.

The 24-year-old Mongolian native entered the final day of the tournament tied with Hokutofuji, maegashira No. 9, and Hakuoho, maegashira No. 17, at 11 wins and three losses.

Hoshoryu defeated Hakuoho with an overarm throw, while Hokutofuji pulled down Nishikigi, maegashira No. 1, in an earlier bout.

In a playoff, Hoshoryu pushed Hokutofuji out of the dohyo.

An uncle of Hoshoryu is former yokozuna Asashoryu, who won 25 tournament championships in his career.

Hoshoryu’s promotion to ozeki is expected to be officially decided on July 26.

Wrestlers typically need to score 33 wins over the three most recent tournaments while ranked as sekiwake or komusubi, the third- and fourth-highest positions in the sport, to be promoted to ozeki.

Hoshoryu won 10 bouts in the spring tournament and 11 bouts in the summer tournament, and then added 12 wins from the Nagoya tournament.

He will be the 31st wrestler to be promoted to ozeki since the Heisei Era began in 1989 and the seventh ozeki from Mongolia.

(source: Asahi Shimbun)

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